Drop Out




First Verse
ya wick wiggity wack
and that's a figure of fact
dropping' out of the class
now can't figure the math
practice comes with the time
what is yours will be mine
finding out who's the best
a vet can test I'll be fine
chimes climb to the sounds of my rhythm
hit em with the lyrics of poetic disposition
fit it in circumference of the world that we are livin in
print it on the paper through the vapours of pollution
fuse it with regret and content to overspending
bending all the rules, so that you can be the benefit
measure this with what you want and how you go for it
moral of the story there's no morals in our influence
vision is contested rest is not an option
follow me on twitter and forever your forgotten
buying up your views as if that is going to help
Never let your wealth be the thing that defends yourself
Yeaaah now where the fuck are you at now
half ass living while I'm rocking the crowds loud
bow down no dancing' we boogie
got that ogee ogee kush from my man he name shoogie
never took me for a dealer, cause that shit is only medicine
ventilation chamber inhalation get the message kids
finish school and get the fuck outta dodge
I'm a rapper looking dapper touring is the job
never coming off sloppy started this as a hobby
now its twenty four seven like a seven eleven
and I'm running at a pace cause this life is a race
second place ain't OK unless it's second to none

Second Verse
I'm at an all time high when I'm rocking a set
I kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, then I jet
flexing with skill, messing with mexican deals
got me thinking that I'm worthy of getting a record deal
so I start real quite then I build the suspense
now meet me at the merch table earning last months rent
everybody in the party put your hands up high
now pump um up and down like your waving super good buy
man I'm super dope fly and everything is just irrelevant
suckas got it wrong thinking that their flow is heaven sent
my rhymes got the weak broke like fridays
your lines are just broke like passing zone on highways
you don't want it my way, this ain't my main style
but try to fuck with me, I'll abort your brain child
ya stupid mother fucker your as soft as felt
and you couldn't flow through a loop if you was a belt


released November 26, 2013
Lyrics: Nic Bambrough
Production: Gramatik
Recorded at: Lambert Drive Studios
Mixed & Mastered by: Jason Hamilton



all rights reserved


Beautiful Records Quinte West, Ontario

Small boutique label started by Nic Bambrough.

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