Peace My Name Is: NIC BAM! (EP)


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My name is Nic Bambrough.

I’m a father.

I am a husband.

I’m a Son.

I am human. An artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, etc, etc...

I was bullied as a kid. But then again, a lot of us were so it’s not as if I need to dwell on it, but more or less just thinking about it now that I have my own kids. This isn’t the main focus though…

As a youth coming up, no one would give me a chance. They’d call me a poser or a wannabe.

I was overweight and unattractive.

BUT, one day I learnt everyone wasn’t willing to do the work to be great, so I did. Please note this is not to brag, but to give my perspective.

This took a lot of hours and years, and at the same time, close ones around me questioning my entire being and why I’m going for these outlandish dreams.

Once others including my family, saw what I was achieving, they wanted to know how to do it as well. This is always a famous topic in my life.

So I started to willingly show anyone whatever info they needed to get their goals going.

What I learnt is, you can’t just hand this kind of information over to someone that hasn’t spent those hours… Without listening to the criticism, or correction, not listening to it. You can’t just hand someone character, strength or courage, which is what it takes.

My story is to be an open book through my music, my vlog and my live streaming through social media, but only to help others understand, you can’t avoid the work, the humility, or the sacrifice and determination to do what it takes. I have performed at more than 500 shows, toured Canada and the USA on a 32 date tour in 40 days. I managed Moka Only and executively produced his “Magickal Weirdness” album, which was his only album to chart on Billboard in 2015. That same album sold the most records out of his catalogue since he was with the platinum selling super group Swollen Members.

In 2014, I started the only entertainer coach service in Canada for celebrities and entertainers called Golden Ticket Coaches, which has had the pleasure of leasing to clients like; Drake, The Tragically Hip, KEM, Brett Kissel, and much more. Around that same time, I also helped to co-found and create “Cocoon,” which is a non-profit art studio for at-risk youth in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Since 2015, I’ve been working on my own music, learning to engineer and produce so I can have the freedom to create.

2017 and 2018 I will be touring Canada, the USA and (with hopes) Europe, plus releasing a lot of original music!

I make music that reflects my life. Thank you.


released July 1, 2017

Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Nic Bambrough (c) 2017 *All Rights Reserved*



all rights reserved


Beautiful Records Quinte West, Ontario

Small boutique label started by Nic Bambrough.

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Track Name: Just Freeze
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Just Freeze
by Nic Bam

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Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Nic Bambrough.

We hear people say “don’t give up,” or “don’t quit now.” It's harder than it looks sometimes. They may think they’re helping, but do they really understand?

You’re not getting the support you need. Everything seems to be against you.

I made “Just Freeze” for those that feel they have something inside, that they need to go after. Maybe it’s a better relationship or a better job. Maybe they want to improve their grades or education, or even, start a project that could potentially be a career.

When I started to find my passion for Hip Hop, many around me especially the ones more experienced didn’t want to show me anything. Not as a Bboy, Graffiti Writer, or Emcee. My entire career, I’ve had to learn how to on my own. Self-Producing these tracks was a huge learning experience. People questioning my history in the culture still to this day, I had to make a record that reflected how I didn’t give up or quit. From 1996 to 2017, from making cassette mixtapes to uploading to Spotify, the times will aways change. Don’t stop now…

My message is to Just Freeze in the moment, let careful planning and small movements overcome these big obstacles. Sometimes taking a step back will move you further forward. You could need a change in a direction completely. Don’t Quit, Just Freeze!

It all started…
back in the day everybody was kickin' it
we were wicked with the grove
and ever sick with scorin’ chicks
so face it kid you never stood a chance
when the body language crew hit the floor with our dance


Don’t quite now, just Freeze, Freeze, Freeze


we put you in a trans, faster then the twilight zone
cell phones weren't barley used, only had the home phone
and bombing trains was the other only thing to do
in the pitch black dripping purple paint up on the shoes
so can we kick it, oh yes we can
from the dance floor, beats, rhyming to the spray cans
but whom I kidding, most of you don't care
of all the time work and energy I be putting out there



you wanna know if I'm gunna be entertaining
from the lyrical performance to the rhyme saying
what I'm saying isn't to do with that
I wanna make you all clap to what I had in my backpack
Track Name: Funk It Up
You gon’ see
what I mean
when I say
Don’t fake it till you make it
Homie let’s just funk it up, com’on

Now, don’t believe you’re sick until somebody dope tells you
make a move see if through pass or fail
hail with the past make the present your future
only you can make your gift shine through kid
move with the opposites of a median
rock a stage you paid your own way
make sure to be there again
with friends I would’t have it any other way
I sway with the crowd feel proud to live another day


Hey yo I’m rocking this mic tight
I remember up all night making sh** sound real tight
you like, well I know you do
I’m demonstrating every element to Kalamazoo
com’on, move with it everybody want to get up in it
rock hip hop on the daily until the day I’m finished
each element I make it my own
not rocking the bling / cell phone to be a clone
but to be the best, and test with the fresh
I say this only cause I keep the culture close to my chest
speak up and don’t allow to be lied to
it happens every day when you watch death through the lens



Track Name: We Go Out At Night

Either way we know where we all go
Yeah, we go out at night
Ha! We go out at night

Either way we know where we all go
We go out at night
Now, here we go again


Back at it, enough with the bad habits
Im infected with the weapons to take out you whack rappers
and I'm hackie sacking your nuts, heal to toe dosi doe
rip the stage steal the show, I'm a pro don't you know
flows so tight like a pack of twix candy bars
I'm flying faster than a midget over handlebars
I handle cars like I just coped a rental
drive it like you own it getting funky to the treble
Ya'll don't know me from Kelowna to Jabronie
Fony mother funkers think I'm full of their baloney
well step back and take a break with a kit kat
fat kid came to party and I'm funkin' with you riff raffia
Yeah I called me fat, look at you your skinny
and I'm still getting busy with some dairy queen in me
funky lyrics, you feel impaired when you hear it
trippin' over obstacles impossible not to feel it



Go for broke and break a leg while your at it
I've master my backflips through hazardous traffic
I'm Not about to stop now, this is just the start son
about to take you back as if your looking at a rerun
Been fun, nice run and kinda nice knowing you
never looking back, reflection isn't in my vision do
to the set up's and break downs and break ups
kinda funked up yo, but that's another story



no guts no glory, who dares wins
and trust I've put it in, I've put in
figure the win with a figure four through your door
thinking it's a stick up, but yo it's even better for you
it's a man with a plan and he's telling you

drop the dead weight, because they're only selling you
on the yes, and the dope and your so Smart
forgetting that you have to work hard to play harder

Track Name: Sacrifice and Glory
This is my golden ticket
No one can take this from me
so now it’s time to tell my story
sacrifices and glory


It goes on and on till the break of dawn
find me at my moms house yes mowing her lawn
because I bought her it, and now I want her to love it
so I put the money up to get a couple of shrubs in
a couple of trees, and a couple of bushes 
I'm pushing for a mill a year so it aint nothing to do it
you can find me improving, on my skills and my sound
because I tour town to town, which is why you never see me around



Oh ya, I bought a bus company, only around, homie don't even clown
I tour entertainers around, in luxurious comfort
moms the word on you fungus dumb hum squirts 
you didn't invest, so now I lay y'all to rest
fess up and face it, you've been replaced kid
basics ain’t enough, when it comes to this level
bevel with the levi, rock the base and the treble 
bringing trouble to this rap thing
fact is, half of you raps kids need practice 
and the other half and nothing but the wackiest
I’m back to this rap SH!
I've mastered my backflips
brookyln to top rock

[HOOK x2]


It goes on and on till the break of dawn
you can find me on a stage, yes, rapping this song
because I love to rap, rock your neck and break to it
 graffiti in your bedroom, cause your mom wont approve it
fluid with the motion of the movement do it for the love kid
handle your own, envok on your thrown 
cause we all kings to something, answer to someone
clock stops on ten 2 hours till the next one